from the reborn manual:

ReBorn and Propellerhead’s Rebirth

Although ReBorn was inspired by Propellerhead’s Rebirth, it is important to note that they share no code, graphics or audio samples in common. The ‘.rbs’ file format is in the public domain and although operation of ReBirth was examined for compatibility reasons, the program was not dissected or reverse-engineered in any way.

from this discussion on slashdot:

Speaking as an official Propellerhead _and_ a /. reader: The reason we acted on the reborn project (which wasn’t open source I think – just a Linux product) wasn’t that it was too close in UI design. It was because it was our UI – they used our graphics. We told them we didn’t mind competition, but that they’d have to make their own UI instead of stealing our bitmaps. Apparently they didn’t feel like doing that and blamed us for shutting them down, which we never did. (/tage widsell propellerhead software)

again from the reborn manual:

A Mod is a collection of graphic and/or audio samples which can be used to change the way ReBorn looks and sounds. It is possible to change any or all of the user interface components and any or all of the drum sounds……

would that mean that a reborn with a different mod could be perfectly fine and legal? it’s mainly a bunch of png’s.. especially now that rebirth has been ‘set free

– ccernn

psst.. don’t tell anybody, but there might be something interesting here


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