goertzel phonemes?

some new things, some new plugins. as always these are prototypes. will soon start polishing, finalizing, stabilizing, bug-hunting, etc… but, there’s so many interesting things to do….

preparing the jesu.ccernn page (see tabs at the top), but wanted to show some progress here…

my first, feeble attempt at speech synthesis, a screenshot, a mp3, and a download


each note represents a phoneme, kind of like one spoken letter. the phonemes currently in there are very, very crude and ugly, and not useful for much… must make better list of phonemes.

[a small update: worked a bit more on it, much easier to experiment with, and setup the phoneme table now, and a new mp3 or two, new download soon.]

and, a goertzel analyzer, like fft, but for one specific frequency only.. thought i could be interesting to just see what it did. to apply this to other, unexpected things.. and experiment, play around with it. to see what’s going on. an perhaps it could be nice to have to check really low frequencies


also updates to mostly everything else, but that have to wait until next post – a cleanup of everything in here, a proper, named, versioned plugin pack… i guess

– ccernn


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