ok, more updates.. found some interesting formant tables via the almighty google, and was really surprised. now i need to work more on the plosives and non-wovel sounds… oh, how i enjoy this!

this one is only using one saw/noise oscillator, and two formant filters. tried with 3 and 4 filters, but decided to use only two, because of performance (as if i really care about that, hah), and because i don’t have any good/better formant-frequency list… takes ages to find a decent set of frequencies/phonemes from scratch, that sound even reasonably convincing.


a new mp3, spent 15 minutes trying to make it say “reaper can speak, reaper can sing”.. well, don’t know what to say about the result…

and, until i can get myself together to finish the jesu.ccernn page update, download and play around with the jesusonic source. note that this is not finished, its pre-alpha/beta, might crash. additionally, import this into your reaper midi editor, to have the midi-notes show their phonemes.

not much documentation yet, so you have to experiment. just ask if there’s anything…

– ccernn


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