even more jesusonic plugins! i can’t stand still!


a simple plugin i made to test the performance of various jesusonic internal commands and structures. useful for benchmarking, learning, … among other things, you can test it on multiple tracks to see how reaper and/or your os (of choice, or by force) balances the workload. i saw quite nice things here, on linux, with four tracks, this one in each of them, some cpu heavy tests…



another test-plugin. this time for testing various methods of communication between plugins, tracks and items.. have multiple of these, in various items and tracks, and start moving the set sliders. it takes a while to get the feeling of what’s happening, but i think i’ve got a pretty good idea of how local and global memory, plugin execution order, etc, works, but, the more i experiment, the more unsure i get at times… threads seems to be jumping back and forth between the cpu cores (some load balancing going on i think, by reaper or linux, i don’t know), and that seems to sometime change the order of execution of plugins in tracks or items.. more experimentation needed, as always, and it could be nice to have midi in there too.



an experimental in brainwave synchronization and binaural beats. it generates one sine wave, frequency controlled by playing midi-notes, in the left ear, and another sine wave in the right ear, with a defined, constant difference in the frequencies. most of the stuff i’ve been reading about binaural beats, involves boring stuff like hours of an almost static sine wave. and then this idea about making it midi-controllable, and play the main frequency, might call it the carrier, as a melody.. have no idea if the binaural beats effect will (still) work. more experimentation to do.



a very simple kick-drum synthesizer, inspired by the similar plugins in fruity loops, and lmms. and i got the main inspiration from an idea to make a remix of the included demo tune in reaper (a version of brad sucks – making me nervous), using only my own plugins. this song have only a kick drum, so it was/is a good excuse to test this.



karplus-strong, plucked string, waveguides. lots of fancy names for a simple delay line, a bit of noise, and some filtering… play with midi, it’s only monophonic. just wanted to test the principles. maybe later a monster synth thing to incorporate all synth ideas and tests.. ?



my ‘favourite’, a phoneme synthesizer, or speech synthesizer, but simplified down to the audio-generative black-box. i have made several versions of this now, and get a better understanding of everything each time i do… my plan now, is to make separate plugins for controlling this. one plugin for holding a phoneme table (reatalker settings + crossfading info), another plugin for selecting, and crossfading between these phonemes (A->I) , and a third one for  a list of phonemes (‘Tis is ey testh+’, but with sliders/numbers), and even some more, for making words triggable via midi-note (n-n-n-nineteen).. also, it’s a kind of emulator of the computalker ct-1, hence the name reatalker, heh..


now i really have to sort and finalize everything into a plugin pack, or some plugin archive… i have been planning to upload these, or proper versions, to stash.reaper.fm soon too. i’m on my way, but i’m so much more motivated to experiment with audio than writing documentation and uploading and stuff… and it’s hard to decide when (or if) a plugin is finished, as i constantly do small modifications, tests, some copy/paste, etc…

but, currently you can find the plugins here:

i will set up that site properly to be the main place for my plugins, and will start updating documentation, previews, screenshots, etc, soon.

– ccernn

btw, jesusonic is a (dsp) programming language built into reaper, where you can do almost whatever you want with audio, midi, graphics, mouse, etc, … an amazing experimentation platform! download the plugins somewhere, and move them into <your reaper installation directory>/Effects/ccernn. and, to learn more, have a look at the sources

…and, doing kkoagulaa mixing inbetween, and sometimes at the same time as this makes my head twist and turn in lots of unknown directions…


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