manes – reinvention decided to turn into a pay-service (except for some selected countries), so i removed the latest manes release, the “reinvention” remix album from there. and, lacking a proper manes domain or site, i decided to put them here for the time being, but don’t expect them to be stay here forever… download them if you want them…

[edit: crap, can’t upload mp3 files here… so, they’re here: ]

but i can have mp3 player linking to those:

deeprooted – rune sørgård – fox treatment

son of night brother of sleep – dj don tomaso – 3 stages (manes rmx 2)

the cure-all – rachmiel – lost time

the cure-all – rune sørgård

the cure-all – shadow orchestra

zweiss – ecological mix

– ccernn


raytracer update #3.14

i worked a bit more on the raytracer. now it handles recursive rays, has multiple light sources, a material system, and specular highlights. next out is the refractions, and then i can start optimizing.


– ccernn

[update: 02.mar.2009: new screenshot.. things are looking even more right now]