minus mono again

a new ubuntu release (more about this in another post soon), and yet again:

sudo apt-get purge libmono0 mono-common

54mb saved, very, very good, but the most important thing is the peace of mind… and who wants tomboy or fspot anyway?

– ccernn



seems like the pirate bay have been convicted for “making illegal things searchable”. but, try this search term in google:

"fallout 3" filetype:torrent

over 800 hits, click and download. who needs the pirate bay? why not sue google too?!! i can find illegal stuff there!! i didn’t bother trying live or yahoo (since they’re both crap), but i guess its the same… why not sue all search engines… sue everything!! everybody! everywhere!!

– ccernn

update: perhaps absolutely everyone should start using things like: oneswarm, tor, torrentprivacy, securep2p, wisperwall, etc

pulse audio crap!

installed (or rater, upgraded to) ubuntu 9.04 beta yesterday… most things looks and feels very good, except for a few things. especially the crappy pulse audio. i had a completely fine audio setup, two soundcards, one integrated, on the motherboard, for gnome/desktop stuff, and a m-audio audiophile 2496 dedicated to jack and music work. but pulse audio messes up everything, deciding to use the m-audio for the desktop, hiding the on-board card, not letting me manually choose which card i want to use, and the mixer icon/appled has disappeared from the gnome panel, so i can’t even change the audio volume…

crap..  hopefully removing the premature, unfinished pulse audio crap won’t ruin something else…

but then again, i know this is a beta, and i should expect some glitches like this one, so, maybe (just maybe), i should try to get pulseaudio to work as intended first… we’ll see

– ccernn

[edit 3.apr.09]:

it was quite simple to fix:

sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio
sudo apt-get install esound

ignored the warning about removing ubuntu-desktop. it’s just a meta-package, and doesn’t remove anything..

phew! back to good, old, working alsa.