pulse audio crap!

installed (or rater, upgraded to) ubuntu 9.04 beta yesterday… most things looks and feels very good, except for a few things. especially the crappy pulse audio. i had a completely fine audio setup, two soundcards, one integrated, on the motherboard, for gnome/desktop stuff, and a m-audio audiophile 2496 dedicated to jack and music work. but pulse audio messes up everything, deciding to use the m-audio for the desktop, hiding the on-board card, not letting me manually choose which card i want to use, and the mixer icon/appled has disappeared from the gnome panel, so i can’t even change the audio volume…

crap..  hopefully removing the premature, unfinished pulse audio crap won’t ruin something else…

but then again, i know this is a beta, and i should expect some glitches like this one, so, maybe (just maybe), i should try to get pulseaudio to work as intended first… we’ll see

– ccernn

[edit 3.apr.09]:

it was quite simple to fix:

sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio
sudo apt-get install esound

ignored the warning about removing ubuntu-desktop. it’s just a meta-package, and doesn’t remove anything..

phew! back to good, old, working alsa.


One Response

  1. Many thanks for your input on the crazy behaviour of pulseaudio. It has been driving me to distraction!

    Such a simle solution: REMOVE!!

    Thanks again.


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