long time…

it’s been a long time… quite a lot of projects going on at the moment:

manes(ss): we’re working on a couple of things, don’t know what format or where they will be released. can’t say too much about it (yet), will get back to this in a few days.

kkoagulaa: the first album “aurum nostrum non est aurum vulgi” to be released by aural music in a not too distant future. one long piece, heavy on art, mind and concept. a cooperation between me and p emerson williams (333), with a few guests.

axonlib: plug/app code library, coming along nicely, made a few example vst(i) plugins already, quite easy to port my js plugins now, working more on the gui, as well as some modular stuff.

and i’ve also got a few unnamed projects/ideas in my head, that i want to do something with..

that’s all i want to say at the moment. but, now that i’ve re-broken the ice, i will post more regularly, more spontaneous, more sketches… stop doubting, just press ‘publish’

so, soon…


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