i fokkin’ hate unstable and resource-swallowing synthedit/synthmaker stuff, so i often use this simple script (linux) to check if a plugin .dll is made with synthedit: (in addition to looking for a subdirectory with a bunch of sem/sep files):

strings $1 | grep SynthEdit

if it prints out anything, it’s a SE plug, and into the trash it goes. not interested…

now if i could make something similar for synthmaker, things would be very good…

i could of course just ignore them, not download them, but plugin authors often don’t mention that their creations are made with these tools, and, if you start playing around wtth it, and have some inspirational moments, kaboom!! your daw crashes, and you lose everything, all those hours wasted.. so, i would rather not take the chances.. and you can even risk not being able to open previous project files if you forget to render to audio and delete the plugins before saving… additionally most of it is generic sound-the-same crap anyway…


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  1. hello.
    your effort is welcome. thanks!
    do you know any method for windows plugins, too?

  2. this _is_ for windows plugins. synthedit/maker is windows only. but i use linux with wine/wineasio, so the script/command is for linux. of course, this could add to the instability and fok-ops 🙂 i was in a pretty bad mood when writing (right after another crash & lost hours of ‘work’), and i see now that i obviously didn’t explain things too well. or, did you mean a generic method to check if a plugin is for windows? that’s much easier: look at the file extension. .dll = windows plugin, hehe

  3. thanks for your reply.
    sry i didnt explained what i meant too.
    is there any generic windows -comatible code/script that would lead to any synthedit -vst identification?
    some scan -able depencies (already checked with depency walker) or a method to read out the *.sem links, i dont know.

    i recognized that in some vst -hosts the internal plugin name of some SE -made vsts shows somthing like “container”.
    maybe its possible to read out and collect plugins with this name.

  4. ah, of course.. i think cygwin has the ‘string’ command? ( ‘grep’ could probably also be used in a similar way (‘grep -l SynthEdit *’).. or anything that can search for the text ‘SynthEdit’ inside a binary file. haven’t found a similar string to search for in synthmaker plugs (yet?)

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