been hiding…

just wanted to inform you, in case you wondered where i’ve been hiding…

i’ve been disconnected from almost everything for a few weeks now… it’s been a good, quiet period, very productive.

been recoding axonlib from scratch.

i started to notice some problems in the original code design, and some other things i became more and more dis-satisfied with. things that hindered natural progression, that made it difficult to  add new features without breaking everything..

something needed to be done…

i initially wanted to do the changes slowly, one by one, in the current project, but i soon discovered that the low level changes made everything on top of it incompatible, so i would need to go over everything anyway, to clean it up, and tie up the loose ends…

so, i started from scratch, re-designed the class hierarchy, and started to fill in the blanks from there, a lot of copy/paste from the earlier version. now it will compile correctly again, and i have enough of the basic parts in there, working properly, that i can make simple debug/test plugins and applications.

the main low-level changes:

  • cleaner, more uniform class hierarchy, better handling of platform dependent classes
  • removed the necessity of most (or all) flags/defines
  • no more global variables
  • changed handling of canvas/gfx resources (color,pen,brush,font)
  • skins
  • low-level vst, using the AEffect struct directly
  • standalone executables from unmodified source code (axPluginExe wrapper)
  • better exe/plugin main/entrypoint handling

a few days [or worst case: week(s)] and it will be ready for a v0.1.0 i think. the missing bits and pieces is more or less just copy/paste into the new class hierarchy…

i also need to consider how the ‘upgrade’ will be done in the google code repository. should i make a new, separate project, or a separate sub directory in the existing project, or delete everything currently in there, and upload this new version over it?

– ccernn


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