ax incremental update

some more smaller updates to axonlib:

  • linux: separate event thread & display connection, now it works in Jost too (partially)
  • improved mouse event handling vs container widgets (hovering, doEnter/Leave messages, etc)
  • modular audio graph preparations

later today (or tomorrow) i will pack the current revision to a zip file, put that up on google code hosting for download, completely erase the files currently in there, and upload this newer version, even if it is broken and uncomplete at the moment (that’s why i’ll put the zip file there as a backup if needed), and possibly bumping the version number up to 0.0.99. when everything is in place again, there will be a 0.1.0 official ‘release’.

the two main (bigger) missing pieces is the win32 and vst audio/midi stuff. but this ought to be just a few copy/paste actions to get working… i have concentrated on getting the event/message passing right first, focusing on the class (inheritance) hierarchy, and having a smaller code-base to concentrate on during that, makes things easier… then i just fill in the blanks, copy/paste’ing from the previous version…

– ccernn

i’m very excited about this new version, and am already looking forward to making proper plugins and applications with it!


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