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looks like linux is gaining even more momentum…

first i see this, and then this..

are people opening their eyes?

– ccernn

..quite a feat..

cernobyl audiogenics, and its alias, ccernn.audio, has just invested in a new machine, a laptop, and, in almost all regards, it’s different from the box, it’s got an intel processor, an avi graphics card, and running win7 64-bit… an interesting challenge!

an opportunity to try the axonlib plugins in their ‘real world’, a very different (and alien) world than i has been used to… so, quickly, with lots of helpful hints from neolit123, a quite suitable development environment for axonlib were set up. mingw, codeblocks, rapidsvn, .. and it almost felt like ‘home’ 🙂

and i’m proud (?) to tell you that i just compiled the first ‘working as expected’ exe file for windows, in windows.. quite a feat…

there’s some serious problems with the win32 support in axonlib at the moment, but with both os’es now available, and neolit123 helping, i hope it will be fixed quickly..

so, hopefully there will be plugins and binaries arriving soon…

– ccernn


kind of like an extended status message:

i’ve been deeply immersed in the abstract world of c++ coding lately. the focus being axonlib, my portable (windows/linux) library/framework for creating standalone applications and vst plugins. this has (unfortunately) been affecting my focus and motivation to do other things, like manes and kkoagulaa, and answering emails, etc.. to everybody that this has/is affected/ing: sorry, i’ll be back soon… it’s just this one thing i need to do first..