coming soon…

a mockup:

the gui-less version is up’n’running, fully functional, but give me a few days, and you’ll be able to play around with it.. and no, i’m certainly not a graphic designer!

– ccernn



looks like linux is gaining even more momentum…

first i see this, and then this..

are people opening their eyes?

– ccernn

..quite a feat..

cernobyl audiogenics, and its alias,, has just invested in a new machine, a laptop, and, in almost all regards, it’s different from the box, it’s got an intel processor, an avi graphics card, and running win7 64-bit… an interesting challenge!

an opportunity to try the axonlib plugins in their ‘real world’, a very different (and alien) world than i has been used to… so, quickly, with lots of helpful hints from neolit123, a quite suitable development environment for axonlib were set up. mingw, codeblocks, rapidsvn, .. and it almost felt like ‘home’ 🙂

and i’m proud (?) to tell you that i just compiled the first ‘working as expected’ exe file for windows, in windows.. quite a feat…

there’s some serious problems with the win32 support in axonlib at the moment, but with both os’es now available, and neolit123 helping, i hope it will be fixed quickly..

so, hopefully there will be plugins and binaries arriving soon…

– ccernn

ax incremental update

some more smaller updates to axonlib:

  • linux: separate event thread & display connection, now it works in Jost too (partially)
  • improved mouse event handling vs container widgets (hovering, doEnter/Leave messages, etc)
  • modular audio graph preparations

later today (or tomorrow) i will pack the current revision to a zip file, put that up on google code hosting for download, completely erase the files currently in there, and upload this newer version, even if it is broken and uncomplete at the moment (that’s why i’ll put the zip file there as a backup if needed), and possibly bumping the version number up to 0.0.99. when everything is in place again, there will be a 0.1.0 official ‘release’.

the two main (bigger) missing pieces is the win32 and vst audio/midi stuff. but this ought to be just a few copy/paste actions to get working… i have concentrated on getting the event/message passing right first, focusing on the class (inheritance) hierarchy, and having a smaller code-base to concentrate on during that, makes things easier… then i just fill in the blanks, copy/paste’ing from the previous version…

– ccernn

i’m very excited about this new version, and am already looking forward to making proper plugins and applications with it!

been hiding…

just wanted to inform you, in case you wondered where i’ve been hiding…

i’ve been disconnected from almost everything for a few weeks now… it’s been a good, quiet period, very productive.

been recoding axonlib from scratch.

i started to notice some problems in the original code design, and some other things i became more and more dis-satisfied with. things that hindered natural progression, that made it difficult to  add new features without breaking everything..

something needed to be done…

i initially wanted to do the changes slowly, one by one, in the current project, but i soon discovered that the low level changes made everything on top of it incompatible, so i would need to go over everything anyway, to clean it up, and tie up the loose ends…

so, i started from scratch, re-designed the class hierarchy, and started to fill in the blanks from there, a lot of copy/paste from the earlier version. now it will compile correctly again, and i have enough of the basic parts in there, working properly, that i can make simple debug/test plugins and applications.

the main low-level changes:

  • cleaner, more uniform class hierarchy, better handling of platform dependent classes
  • removed the necessity of most (or all) flags/defines
  • no more global variables
  • changed handling of canvas/gfx resources (color,pen,brush,font)
  • skins
  • low-level vst, using the AEffect struct directly
  • standalone executables from unmodified source code (axPluginExe wrapper)
  • better exe/plugin main/entrypoint handling

a few days [or worst case: week(s)] and it will be ready for a v0.1.0 i think. the missing bits and pieces is more or less just copy/paste into the new class hierarchy…

i also need to consider how the ‘upgrade’ will be done in the google code repository. should i make a new, separate project, or a separate sub directory in the existing project, or delete everything currently in there, and upload this new version over it?

– ccernn


v0.0.0, preview

things are happening…

i fokkin’ hate unstable and resource-swallowing synthedit/synthmaker stuff, so i often use this simple script (linux) to check if a plugin .dll is made with synthedit: (in addition to looking for a subdirectory with a bunch of sem/sep files):

strings $1 | grep SynthEdit

if it prints out anything, it’s a SE plug, and into the trash it goes. not interested…

now if i could make something similar for synthmaker, things would be very good…

i could of course just ignore them, not download them, but plugin authors often don’t mention that their creations are made with these tools, and, if you start playing around wtth it, and have some inspirational moments, kaboom!! your daw crashes, and you lose everything, all those hours wasted.. so, i would rather not take the chances.. and you can even risk not being able to open previous project files if you forget to render to audio and delete the plugins before saving… additionally most of it is generic sound-the-same crap anyway…