…end all…

fåfengt, fåfengt, kryp der nede..
døy? eg er udøydeleg!!

“…but, but, i read it on the internet… it must be true…”

you fools!

– manes[ss]
being all/ending all


manes – reinvention

last.fm decided to turn into a pay-service (except for some selected countries), so i removed the latest manes release, the “reinvention” remix album from there. and, lacking a proper manes domain or site, i decided to put them here for the time being, but don’t expect them to be stay here forever… download them if you want them…

[edit: crap, can’t upload mp3 files here… so, they’re here: http://sites.google.com/site/manesreinvention/files ]

but i can have mp3 player linking to those:

deeprooted – rune sørgård – fox treatment

son of night brother of sleep – dj don tomaso – 3 stages (manes rmx 2)

the cure-all – rachmiel – lost time

the cure-all – rune sørgård

the cure-all – shadow orchestra

zweiss – ecological mix

– ccernn

limited s.e.c.

and another update, the last one i guess, it’s close now…

some limited version things:





– ccernn

s.e.c. update




– ccernn

senam / katharsis


manes hates the music industry, the music business,
manes hates trends, pr, hypes, ads, flyers, sales, money, logos, names,
manes hates everything considered vip, kvlt, classic, important, big,
manes hates modern civilization, this fucked up society,
there is no hope, no joy, everything is black and negative,
nothing is positive, nothing is ok,
we have all lost, but few understand it,
happiness is an illusion, fake comfort,
to make life manageable,
but it doesn’t work,
everything is backwards, inverted,
in the wrong order, or no order,
manes hates manes,
so, manes is now senam

– ccernn

manes – solve et coagula

kyrck productions



there might be some exciting, related announcements coming… [update: for various reasons, most of these, exciting news have been called off]

– ccernn