finally! someone giving credit to emerson’s marvellous work on the kkoagulaa project! i hated all the manes/ccernn focus, and that people were ignoring him… completely hated it….

– ccernn



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kind of like an extended status message:

i’ve been deeply immersed in the abstract world of c++ coding lately. the focus being axonlib, my portable (windows/linux) library/framework for creating standalone applications and vst plugins. this has (unfortunately) been affecting my focus and motivation to do other things, like manes and kkoagulaa, and answering emails, etc.. to everybody that this has/is affected/ing: sorry, i’ll be back soon… it’s just this one thing i need to do first..


experimenting with a logo for based on an ancient viking symbol, valknut, also sometimes called triquetra (i think). work in progress, this will probably change quite a bit…


what do you think?

– ccernn

kkoagulaa reviews…

the reviews are starting to appear:

panem et circenses

iam pridem, ex quo suffragia nulli uendimus, effudit curas; nam qui dabat olim imperium, fasces, legiones, omnia, nunc se continet atque duas tantum res anxius optat, panem et circenses.

long time…

it’s been a long time… quite a lot of projects going on at the moment:

manes(ss): we’re working on a couple of things, don’t know what format or where they will be released. can’t say too much about it (yet), will get back to this in a few days.

kkoagulaa: the first album “aurum nostrum non est aurum vulgi” to be released by aural music in a not too distant future. one long piece, heavy on art, mind and concept. a cooperation between me and p emerson williams (333), with a few guests.

axonlib: plug/app code library, coming along nicely, made a few example vst(i) plugins already, quite easy to port my js plugins now, working more on the gui, as well as some modular stuff.

and i’ve also got a few unnamed projects/ideas in my head, that i want to do something with..

that’s all i want to say at the moment. but, now that i’ve re-broken the ice, i will post more regularly, more spontaneous, more sketches… stop doubting, just press ‘publish’

so, soon…